About us hoof trimming by Buchholz & Aschenbrenner

PIT STOP for healthy cows and more profit - Hoof Trimming                           Buchholz & Aschenbrenner

In FORMULA1 most races will be won during PIT STOP and not on the track. It’s the same in modern milk production. Nowadays milk cows are highly effective producers.

As FORMULA1 cars have to change frequently their tires also milk cows require their regular service. Changed livestock conditions, breeding goals and dropping milk prices require a competent and professional hoof management.

With new tires the driver has more grip, consumes less fuel and is able to retrieve maximum power from the cars. It’s the same with cows. A cow with



healthy hoofs save costs for the farmer and increases turnover up to 20%. Hoof trimming is an important pre-condition to generate commercial benefits & animal friendly milk.


Buchholz & Aschenbrenner is an agricultural service company for Hoof trimming. Since 2012 Friederike Aschenbrenner lead the company as Managing Director and Hoof Trimmer. Our competencies are herd cut, single animal care & aftercare as well as the on-site implementation of our rehabilitation concepts. As market leader we take it for granted to cooperate with herd managers, veterinaries & veterinary offices and provide coaching to our customers.


"You will belong to the winners with the PIT STOP by Buchholz & Aschenbrenner. We achieve higher profit for our customers, better health and more happiness for animals."